About us

The idea for our adventure trip

We are Beni and Nicole from canton Aargau in Switzerland and are currently on winter break at home, having paused our trip due to Corona. 7 months we have been on the road with our bicycles so far. Started in Switzerland, it went on to Germany, Austria, through Slovakia, Ukraine and from there by ferry to Georgia. We were able to experience many wonderful and also exhausting moments and are already looking forward to when our journey continues again in June 2022.

We met over 7 years ago and since then we go together through thick and thin. We both grew up in the beautiful Aargau, Nicole in Fricktal and Beni in Wettingen.
Our professional backgrounds also complement each other perfectly. Beni, as a computer scientist and self-proclaimed all-rounder, has everything to do with technology and electronics under control, and Nicole, as a trained medical practice assistant, can patch us up again in the event of minor “bobo’s”.

This blog is not only to keep family and friends up to date on our adventures, but also to give others the opportunity to be informed and inspired. That’s why we will try to share our most important experiences in the planning and later on the trip with you in the “Tips & Tricks” section.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

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