April April…

…the weather does what it wants – if only it were the weather!

As if the weather forecast with 3 degrees and sleet for shortly after our start was not enough, Beni had a small bike accident.
Fortunately, nothing is broken (the scheduled start is not endangered), nevertheless, it has not exactly eased the move and the apartment cleaning. Due to a bruised shoulder, Beni couldn’t carry heavy furniture and was also a bit slower than usual when cleaning 😅. Luckily we were able to find a volunteer – thanks Alain and of course thanks to our families who helped us diligently!
Thus, despite everything, everything worked out at the last second and we are “homeless” since 1.4.2021, but are allowed to stay with Nicole’s brother and his girlfriend for the remaining 4 days, which simplifies our preparation immensely!

On the farm of Nicole’s parents we are allowed to store all our furniture

All handed over, we finally had time to spread out our equipment one last time, down to the smallest detail, to document and complete it.

Our equipment from above
Do we really have everything?!

But now back to the weather… our scheduled start is in exactly 1 day on 4.4.2021. The weather is the first two days still very pleasant, even if already somewhat cooler than before. After that it will be really wet and cold for at least 5 days. Not exactly what we wanted for the start. We decided to drive on Sundays and Mondays, when the weather is still somewhat sunny, towards Falkau in Germany, where Nicole knows someone who will give us permission to use his vacation home for a few days. This way we can roughly follow our planned route and not have to freeze for several days in a row already in the first week.
A few days of rest will do us good either way – starting a trip like this takes a lot out of you!

Happy Easter wish you

Nicole & Beni

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