Denmark – In search of adventure

Could we find the adventure in Denmark? We’ll get to that later.

Route to blog:

Along the EuroVelo 12 we pedaled then nevertheless mostly with tail wind briskly up to the cape Grenen, the northernmost point of Denmark. This is where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet, a spectacle truly worth seeing.

Two or three really beautiful scenic sections awaited us. Again and again the wide dune landscapes appear in a new color dress due to the rapidly changing weather, we whiz along lighthouses, explore the most diverse forests and when we drive 5 km along the beach, our belts squeal with joy.
So after many great shelter overnights we reach the Cape of Denmark. The next day it was time to set the alarm clock again after a long time. The last 40 km to Frederikshavn, where our ferry to Sweden will leave, had to be driven in the morning.

To resolve our adventure question:
For us, there are various qualities that make up an adventure. These are landscape, people, different cultures, sights, foreign cuisine, remote and challenging routes. We lack all of that so far. Strange as it may sound, traveling by bicycle in Denmark is almost too easy. Due to the ingenious shelter network we didn’t have to pitch the tent once, we always had running drinking water at our sleeping place, the supermarkets are open every day and so we very rarely come into contact with locals, because you can get everything at any time. Moreover, everything is flat, and the highest “mountain” in Denmark is a whopping 170 meters high. At the moment, we’re mainly doing distance, but we’re actually craving experiences more than miles.
For someone who simply loves to cycle, prefers an insanely well-developed cycling network, and wants to take advantage of great accommodations, Denmark is certainly recommended.

Completely different topic

We already knew in advance that Scandinavia is not a cheap place, but we were still very surprised by Denmark’s price level! Prices are the same as in Switzerland, if not higher.
It is in this context that we first heard about dumpster diving to save money in other cycling travel blogs. This is the taking of “food waste” from containers at supermarkets. In Switzerland this is forbidden by law, in other countries it is a gray area.
We are very concerned about this topic when you see how much food that is still perfectly good is actually thrown away 😭.
The best thing is to form your own opinion:

How can it be that such an oversupply must prevail in the stores! We have philosophized a lot about this, but have not found an answer/solution.

We don’t want to open a can of worms here, but hopefully we can get some people to think about this issue as well.

We admit, we have benefited tremendously from dumpster diving, taking at least 80% of all our food out of the trash for free and making super fine meals with it. Of course, we too wish that this possibility did not exist at all.

We are now on the ferry to Sweden and are looking forward to new things 😃.

For even more insight into our everyday cycling life, check out our latest video:

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