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2 Touring bikes MTB Cycletech - Papalagi Gpi, 18 speed Pinion gearbox Bauer Sport / MTB Cycletech
2 Rear panniers Nicole Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic Bauer Sport
2 Front panniers Nicole Ortlieb Sport-Roller Classic Bauer Sport
1 Handlebar bag Nicole Ortlieb Ultimate Six Plus Bauer Sport
2 Bike bell Knog Oi Bauer Sport
1 Bike pump Lezyne Alloy Drive Bauer Sport
1 Saddle Beni Brooks B17 - Adopted from the old touring bike
1 Saddle Nicole Custom saddle from swissbiomechanics swissbiomechanics
1 Bike lock Semptec bike lock with alarm -
1 Handlebar grip Beni Ergon GP1-L BioKork Nexus/Rohloff Bauer Sport
1 Handlebar grip Nicole Ergon GP-1N-S Nexus/Rohloff Bauer Sport
1 Pedal click Beni Shimano Pedal Derer XT Bauer Sport
1 Pedal Nicole Crankbrothers, Stamp Small Bauer Sport Switched back to normal pedals after accident
2 Rear panniers Beni Ortlieb Back-Roller Plus - Adopted from the old touring bike
2 Front panniers Beni Ortlieb Sport-Roller Plus - Adopted from the old touring bike
1 Handlebar bag Beni Ortlieb Six Pro E - Adopted from the old touring bike
2 Rear view mirror Mountain Miracle Velo/E-Bike rear view mirror Bauer Sport
1 Backpack Ortlieb Waterproof -
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