Camping equipment

Qty. Product Product name Sponsor Remark
1 Stove Primus OmniLite Ti
1 Silencer fore stove Primus OmniLite Ti Silencer
2 Drinking cup Sea To Summit X Mug Exchanged for two stinky plastic cups, because they take the taste of the drinks too firmly. Thus, the coffee can taste quite unpleasant after a tea.
2 Cutlery Sea To Summit Alpha Light Cutlery Set 3
2 Plates Sea To Summit XL-Bowl
1 Cooking pot MSR 2.5 Liter Ceramic Pot
1 Tent Nordisk Oppland 3 LW incl. Footprint Nordisk
2 Camping mats 2x Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xlite
2 Sleeping bags Zenbivy Light Bed Zenbivy
2 Camping chairs Kaikkiala Folding Chair small
2 Sleeping bag inlet 1x silk inlet OCK, 1x silk inlet Meru
1 Water filter Katadyn Hiker Pro In 7 months not used once, new we have Micropur Forte tablets with it
2 Water bags Ortlieb Water-Bag 10 liters incl. shower attachment (Ortlieb Shower Valve) Bauer Sport
1 Coffee maker Wacaco Minipresso Sent home, as not needed, Instant Coffee has proven its worth
3 Bidons 0.95 l Maxi Corsa Bauer Sport
2 Water bottles 1.5 l PET
1 Cooking ladle Available in any supermarket
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