Electronic devices

Qty. Product Product name Sponsor Remark
1 GPS navigation Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM
1 Head torch LED LENSER H7R.2
1 Powerbank LMP MaxBank (26'800 mAh) Cropmark AG
1 Notebook MacBook Air M1 Cropmark AG
1 Drone DJI Mini 2
2 Smartphone / Camera iPhone 12 Pro + iPhone 8
1 Solar panel Sistech - ULTRA HIGH POWER 5V / 20W Was damaged by bending the ends on the backpack. We have now bought a new one and are now careful not to bend it.
2 Headphones Apple - AirPods Pro
1 Charger Apple 30W USB-C Cropmark AG From MacBook Air
Div. Charging cable 2x Lightning, 2x Micro-USB, 2x USB-C
1 USB-C Adapter LMP Travel Dock Cropmark AG
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