Test Report – Sleeping Bag Zenbivy Light Bed 10°


After almost a year of intensive use of our sleeping bags, we are convinced that they are the best for a long trip in different climates. This is for the reason that it is actually a sleeping system where you can combine the down comforter with the sleeping pad cover in three different ways. Depending on the temperature, only as a blanket, in the half-mummy or mummy form. The Zenbivy also convinces us very much in terms of quality.

Weight & Mass

The Light Bed is available in two different versions. We have the warmer version, the Light Bed 10°F (-12°C). Here are the specifications:

Comfort range-7°C
Limit range-12°C
Total weight sleeping system Nicole (Regular)
– Zenbivy Light Quilt 10º – Regular / Black/Orange
– Zenbivy Light Sheet 10º – 25×77 –> fits perfectly on the Thermarest NeoAir XLite (Large)
1.21 kg
Total weight sleeping system Beni (Large)
– Zenbivy Light Quilt 10º – Large / Black/Blue
– Zenbivy Light Sheet 10º – 25×77 –> fits perfectly on the Thermarest NeoAir XLite (Large)
1.36 kg

In use

The most frequently asked question is whether the -7°C comfort zone is really realistic. It certainly also depends on the person, personally we have made the experience that he is good up to -5 ° C. At this temperature, which was also our lowest so far, Nicole still had to wear a down jacket, Beni was just fine without. What you can also do is use a silk inlet in addition, but we haven’t needed that yet.
In warm temperatures, as already mentioned, it can simply be used as a blanket, which is just brilliant. In addition, Nicole loves that she is not as constricted at the legs as is the case with the usual mummy sleeping bags.

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