From Switzerland to Australia – Part 2

After a wonderful time at home in the beautiful mountains of the canton of Schwyz, it’s off again for us on 6.6.2022 into the wide world. We are very happy, even if there is still a mountain of “work” waiting for us.
We were already able to fight our way through the administrative thriller like deregistration at the municipality, health insurance resolution, etc. To make life a little easier for you in a similar endeavor, we’ve summarized the unsubscribe process under “Tips and Tricks“.

What’s next?
Actually, we wanted to return to Georgia and continue our journey in the country we loved so much.
Under the current circumstances with the war, the many conflicts and the partly still closed borders in the neighboring countries, we have once again turned our original plan upside down.
It will look something like this:

  • From Zurich we take the Flixbus to Hamburg and from there we start our trip through Scandinavia (about 4 months – until the end of September).
  • First via Denmark, a small part through southern Sweden with a planned canoe trip of several days, Norway and finally through the wooded Finland to Helsinki.
  • Since the beginning of our world trip, Australia was our cycling destination!
    Since the border has been open again since February 21, 2022, it is clear to us that we will take the plane to Australia 🤩 when winter sets in in the far north. Never in our lives would we have thought that we would reach Australia this way. Our bicycle heart aches a bit not to have ridden the planned way to the coast before Australia and from there to fly only a “stone’s throw” to the red continent.
    But as is often the case in life, things turn out differently than you think.
  • In Australia (Byron Bay) we will, among other things, visit Beni’s host mother (language stay 2016), then drive a large part of the south to Perth and finally scramble up the west coast to Darwin. Whether we really drive everything by bicycle or still a part with the camper, we do not know ourselves yet 😅.
  • In Australia we will take about 8 months. Because the country is so incredibly large, it doesn’t make it easy to plan by bicycle. To be on the safe side, we have now applied for a one-year visa. Unfortunately, we do not have the visa in our hands yet. Since we were in Georgia for more than 3 months, we have to undergo a health examination for the visa. Of course, this is only possible with a trusted doctor of Australia, which is located in Zurich and which costs us an unbelievable 700.- CHF per person! More about the Australia visa under “Tips and Tricks“.

Planned route – world trip part 2

Before we set off, we bring our equipment up to speed. For example, we are currently sealing the seams of our new outer tent with silicone to make it waterproof.

Furthermore, due to the extreme distances of Australia, we thought about how to pack food and drink (up to 15 liters per person) on our pack mules for several days.
So we bought the 49 l rack pack from Ortlieb, which will find space on Beni’s luggage rack:

Such a change entails great consequences, our beautiful packing order must be completely reconsidered.

You’ll read whether we’ll actually get our one-year visa and how our launch went in the next blog post sometime in June!

Update donation appeal Ukraine

After all, we promised you that we would give a donation update on the Ukraine situation.
You can find all the information in the updated blog post: Ukraine needs our help – appeal for donations

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