How to defeat pain with the help of swissbiomechanics

A long suffering has an end, our story:

Nicole has always had problems with severe pain in the buttocks area on longer bike tours and has certainly bought 3 different saddles which unfortunately all did not fit. If we had known from the beginning that there are very professional measuring methods to determine the optimal seat position as well as the perfect custom-made saddle, we would have saved ourselves a lot of money and nerves.

We decided us for the “Next Level Pain 3D” measurement at swissbiomechanics because they offer a highly professional 3D analysis of the seat position with all joint angles using several infrared motion markers.

Here are a few insights into the procedure of the measurement (duration approx. 3 hours):

For those who are also interested in this measurement, we are happy to link here to the swissbiomechanics offer.

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