On the bumpy road to Chernivtsi.

After every low comes another high, and so it is with us. As we finished writing the last blog in a shelter protected from the rain, we set out in cold temperatures to find a wild camping spot for the night. Maybe you’ve wondered how exactly we go about this?
On the one hand, if we are early enough, we intuitively look around for small paths, roads with a driving ban or meadows with bushes as a protection from view. On the other hand, if we’ve been on the road for a long time and so haven’t found anything yet, we take Google Maps to help us. There, small clearings or hiding places are easy to spot with some practice. Here is a small example:

We could have skipped the next day, it turned out to be monotonous, cold and challenging. At the end of the day we even had to fight our way through clay forest paths. Exhausted and covered in mud, we sighted a stream that can only be crossed barefoot – we decided to tackle the crossing the next day and pitch the tent.

With the creek in view the next morning, we took off our shoes and pushed our bicycles barefoot through the icy water. Done – you think?! This was followed by another three crossings due to collapsed bridges, another mud fight and extremely exhausting roads, we have reached rock bottom.

Fittingly, our water supplies were also used up, so we headed for a cemetery with a draw well ( they are very common in Ukraine). Even before we could lower the kettle into the well, a car driver (Iryna) stopped and told us not to drink the water under any circumstances. We then asked where we could find the nearest water point and if there was a restaurant nearby. She gave us information about it and asked us about our plan for today, which we answered as almost always with “we don’t know exactly yet”. Spontaneously, she invited us to her home.
With her hazard lights on, she escorted us to her house, where she cooked especially for us and where we were allowed to spend the night. We immediately felt like part of the family. Very exciting conversations about life and Ukraine ensued.

When we asked Iryna about a hairdresser, she told Beni to just accompany her to her appointment the very next day 😊.

It was very hard to say goodbye. It was incredibly good to have such loving people around us, so our batteries and optimism are back to 200% 💪🏻.

Strengthened, we head for the next destination, Chernivtsi. With so much energy, not even probably the most dangerous bridge in Ukraine could stop us. See for yourself 😂:

The next day we go along a tarred main road, where we progressed twice as fast as the day before. We are often asked how many kilometers we drive every day. This depends strongly on various factors such as altitude, road conditions, weather and motivation.

Ukrainian roads 😉, some altitude metersTarred road, few meters of altitude

You can see our complete route on our welcome page.

Arriving in Chernivtsi, we treat ourselves to 3 nights in an apartment near the center.

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