Test Tour I – Blessing in disguise

After two days of intensive preparation, with packing, adjusting the bike and practicing click pedals, we finally started our 2-week test tour.
Because of Corona our bikes and equipment are unfortunately not 100% complete. Instead of Ortlieb’s backpacks, we used the old military backpack as an emergency solution.

After only a few minutes, the feeling of freedom was already there and we rolled south with our brand new bikes.
Nicole had already gotten used to riding with click pedals, but then they became her doom.
When we were looking for a resting place for lunch after 20km in Waltenschwil, Nicole fell while getting off the bike because she couldn’t get out of the click pedals and broke her forearm on the first day. We had to drive back home by public transport and the next day she had the operation under general anesthesia.

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