Test Tour II – Alone to Ticino

Since Nicole is unfortunately not allowed to put weight on her wrist for a few more weeks, I go on a test tour alone for 4 days. My route starts at home in Othmarsingen and leads with a side trip to the Lungerersee in Ticino.

As we had hoped, it rained cats and dogs all night long. So we could put our tent through its paces.
The tent is water-proof, only at the seams a few drops have entered. But since we have already read from others that the seams should be sealed, we have now done this with the “McNett Silnet” and are optimistic.
The next day the sun woke us up and the tour could continue.

On the third day I tested our touring bike “MTB Cycletech – Papalagi GPi” in the mountains.
First I crossed the Brünigpass, then the Grimselpass and finally the Furkapass. Unfortunately it started to rain shortly before the Furkapass with just 6 degrees.
All in all I was lucky with the weather and cycled 319 km and 5’600 hm from Othmarsingen to Bellinzona in these four days.
I am completely satisfied with my new bike, even on a fast downhill ride with 73 km/h and a full load of luggage it doesn’t wobble at all.

My route

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