Test tour III – Finally it worked

Long awaited, it has finally worked out. The two of us were able to put our equipment through its paces for five days without an accident.
The way took us from Othmarsingen to Liechtenstein, with an unexpected detour to the Bächli-Bergsport, because our sealing ring from the stove started to leak. Luckily we noticed this now during the test phase and not on the big trip, so we can plan enough spare parts.

Despite almost constant rain and low temperatures our tour was very helpful for our further planning, to our relief our equipment braved the hard conditions.

For the last night we were allowed to pitch our tent in the sunshine on the farm of Madelaine & Martin in Balzers (Liechtenstein). We are looking forward to such moments on our big trip, because you always meet very helpful people with whom you can exchange experiences.
It was great!

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