The return trip and the arrival in our beautiful homeland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

For two weeks now we are at home in the beautiful Brunni-Alpthal. We were even able to get our first whiff of snow. There has been a lot going on since we arrived and we are happy to tell you about the last part of our 1st world trip leg.

Our flight from Tbilisi took us to Vienna in 3 1/2 hours. With the best will in the world, we could not imagine flying directly to Zurich. We needed some time to arrive in the structured, prosperous world and also to digest what we had experienced.We needed some time to arrive in the structured, prosperous world and also to digest what we had experienced.

We and our bicycles arrived at the airport well and complete, whereupon we got right to work assembling them.
A bit nervous we went to customs with our screwed together cargo donkeys. Do we now have to go directly to a quarantine hotel? Or may we continue our journey to Linz as planned, where we are kindly allowed to stay overnight with our already known Warmshowers friends Andreas & Barbara?
After a friendly welcome in Austria by the customs officer, we quickly realized that it doesn’t seem to matter where and if we go into quarantine. It works on the principle of personal responsibility.

Thus, as planned, we could next take care of the procurement of train tickets from Vienna to Linz. The nice gentleman at the ticket counter just said “then please make that 107 euros incl. bicycles”. We looked at each other in amazement and realized at the very latest that we are almost back home; we are no longer used to such prices.

Warmly welcomed by our hosts in Linz, we then fell into bed, dead tired after a long conversation. The next day we drove to the Traunsee to the vacation home of Barbara & Andreas, where we were allowed to serve our 4 days quarantine. Many thanks at this point again for the terrific hospitality!

We are happy when we were allowed to test ourselves freely after 5 days. Let’s go back to Switzerland:

The first climb was not long in coming, uphill to the beautiful Postalm. There Andreas & Barbara welcomed us and we enjoyed a delicious lunch together as a farewell.

The beautiful route once across the country led us through truly breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, always with the mountain scenery in view. We hope that we can give you a little insight with the following picture gallery:

One last highlight was waiting for us: We were allowed to spend 2 days in Liechtenstein with Matthias (Warmshowers). Finally, we had time to get to know our neighboring country, which was still unknown to us. So we didn’t even know how to greet each other here. “Hoi” is ubiquitous and Twint as a payment method also works here. After many hours with very exciting conversations and an amazing view directly from the living room, we drove refreshed the last part to Wettingen. We had been looking forward to the arrival for days. We were warmly welcomed by Beni’s family, Nicole’s unfortunately could not be there because there was a corona case in the family and the quarantine was still ongoing.

Slowly but surely we have settled in and worked through our numerous ToDo’s. Even our car we could successfully save and de-mold πŸ˜ƒ!

In this sense, many thanks to all who accompanied us on our journey, motivated us with kind messages and welcomed us to stay overnight.
We are already looking forward to the continuation of our trip, very likely at the end of May 2022.

Here are some statistics about our driven route:

445 hrs in the saddle

5’421 km

56’830 vertical meters

For our accurate GPS records:

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