Tips & Tricks

When you make tea in the evening, just fill the whole pot, so that at the end you can fill a PET bottle with hot tea and put it at the foot of the sleeping bag. So you have warm feet for several hours and in the morning still lukewarm tea instead of frozen water 🤪.

We both have the Apple AirPods Pro headphones, with which it is possible to share the audio output. This way, one can buy an audiobook and by sharing the audio output, both can listen to the same part of the book/podcast at the same time.

We both use a Revolut bank card, which is highly recommended as it has extremely good exchange rates and no foreign transaction fees. In addition, you can withdraw CHF 200 per month from the ATM free of charge.
You can find more information here: Moneyland

Since Beni has a big training advantage conditionally, we packed an elastic tow rope (approx. 5m, available in every hardware store). This has proved very successful so far. This way, Beni can still work off his energy when Nicole's strength begins to wane.
Attaching the rope is done like this:

Will be continuously expanded, we must first put the tips & tricks through their paces ourselves 😊!

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