Ukraine needs our help – appeal for donations

Update May 17, 2022: Your donations have arrived, thank you!

As promised, we provide a donation update on the Ukraine situation:
First of all, we would like to thank all the donors very much for trusting us and Maksym and for really helping the local people with your contributions.
An unbelievable amount of more than CHF 3’000 has been collected.
This also in the name of Maksym, he could almost not believe the solidarity he and his family/friends experienced. You are welcome to continue donating. If you donate, please let us know, so that Maksym knows in which context he will receive the money.
In the meantime, Maksym and his helpers have made various trips and were able to help some people to travel to Switzerland.
We would like to share with you the photos and videos that Maksym sent us:

Blog post from March 1, 2022

Just 10 months ago, full of curiosity, we drove across the border of Ukraine, which was still so unknown to us. Over a month we then cycled once across the beautiful country and got to know the hospitality of the Ukrainians.

Countless times we were allowed to use the help of the locals and carry these moments & people not only in our hearts, we still have contact with some people until today.

So last Wednesday we had checked with some of them about the situation on the ground. They said Putin would not dare to actually attack their country and the western media would exaggerate a bit… …one day later the news came: “…we have a war in Ukraine :-(“.

By chance, we became aware of a donation project of a colleague of Beni and would now like to support her in raising funds for relief supplies.

What is donated

  • Maksym Liakhov and his family come from Ukraine and are good friends of Beni’s colleague.
  • They collect money for medicines, wound dressings, baby food, food, clothes and blankets, which is transported to Malyn region, Zhytomyr oblast.
  • The relief supplies go to those directly affected, who now have to endure the cold without any belongings, as their village is no longer safe.
  • Maksym and his wife will personally bring the donations to the border with several trips and know exactly where what is needed!
  • The first delivery starts today 😃

How can you donate?

Donation account:
IBAN: CH3700206206561302M1D
Maksym Liakhov
Balberstrasse 58
8038 Zürich
Account no.: 206-561302.M1D

Or via TWINT on 078 843 33 70, Mr. Maksym Liakhov
If you have donated something, please let us know ❤️. So we can keep you updated and share a “proof photo” with the material you donated.

Of course you can also donate in any other way, the main thing is to help together.

Are you still not convinced?

Our best stories from our trip through Ukraine summarized in a picture gallery.

These are far from all the wonderful stories. We remember Ukrainians as an ambitious and motivated people. We hope that their dreams will not be completely destroyed by Putin 🍀.

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