Warm Christmas for Ukrainians – appeal for donations

Update March 9, 2023: Your donations have arrived, thank you!

As promised, we provide a donation update on the Ukraine situation. Alissa sent us a few pictures where you can see some snippets of her awesome projects.

RTL report about Alissa and her projects, very worth seeing: To the video

Blog post from 23 December 2022

Yesterday we received information from our Ukrainian friend Alissa, with whom we lived for a few days last year as Warmshowers guests, how we can concretely help some old, poor people in the Transcarpathian region in the west of the country.
These people are currently living at -12°C without electricity and urgently need wood to heat. With their monthly pension of about 80 euros, they cannot afford this and are dependent on financial help.

Alissa herself lives in the Transcarpathian region and will take care of the logistics. Her husband Vitaliy fought at the front for a time, is now fortunately stationed elsewhere, and survived a sniper attack by a hair’s breadth; the shot hit his Kalashnikov.

If you would like to give a “warm” Christmas present to those affected, you can transfer money in Euros directly to the account of Alissa’s husband Vitaliy. The account is in Slovakia, they live right on the Slovakia/Ukraine border, this as info. They can then withdraw this money locally in the local currency, hryvnia.

IBANSK49 7500 0000 0040 2850 1702
ReceiverMr. Vitaliy Kozak
Gagarina Str 19/1
89200 Petechin
MessageSpendenaufruf – Kommt Zeit kommt Rad, Beni & Nicole

If this foreign payment is too complicated for someone, you are also welcome to transfer the money to us via TWINT (to Beni’s cell phone number) or e-banking and we will pay it in for you in a collective payment.
For the e-banking details please contact us directly.

We have come to know Alissa as a power woman and she has now been actively advocating for those affected since the beginning of the war. You are welcome to read more in the PDF she wrote: File – Report Alissa

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope very much that the war will end soon 🙏.

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