We are taking a winter break in Switzerland!

The die is cast! The problem is and remains that practically all borders to the east continue to be closed, making it impossible to move on to warmer regions. Neither of us are lovers of the cold and after weighing various options, we finally decided to spend the winter at home.

As mentioned in the last blog, we still explored the Vashlovani National Park, will now return to Tbilisi and fly to Vienna on 3.10.2021, from there take the train to Linz and then drive home πŸ˜ƒ. This will look like this:

The return to a two-class society is very complicated. The entry to Austria will be exciting for us, because we have not found enough information about the quarantine procedure. The special case for bicycle travelers with tent was definitely not considered πŸ˜….
We will perform the vaccination due to the waiting time until the certificate is issued in Switzerland.

We will then arrive “at home” around the end of October. The term “at home” may seem a bit special, since we no longer have a house key πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒ. But we have found a good solution: We may live for the planned 7 months until the new start in spring 2022 in the vacation home of Beni’s family (in Brunni-Alpthal, near Einsiedeln). At this point to our families a huge thank you, you are the best, without you so much would not be possible!!!

Meanwhile, there are also numerous reasons for our winter break:

  • Weddings with close family and friends
  • We miss our friends and families
  • We can quietly optimize little things on our equipment
  • Our car is moldy (unfortunately not a joke 😭), we hope to be able to save it yet:

For us, this decision feels right, even if it involves some bureaucratic hurdles. We are really looking forward to seeing our friends and family, but not so much to the certificate requirement in Switzerland, because here in Georgia it is wonderful to live without it. Next spring we will try to continue our journey. We will not lose sight of our goal Australia so quickly πŸ˜‰!

In this sense: Kommt Zeit, kommt Rad 😍!

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