“Winter break” in winter paradise

It’s been three months now since we paused our world tour because of Corona and returned to Switzerland for our “winter break”.
So far, we have not regretted our decision for a second. We really enjoy being able to meet family and friends again. Besides, it wouldn’t have been easy with all the regulations. For example, shortly after we arrived home, Iran had opened its borders, but then closed them again a short time later.

It took us almost a month to settle back in Switzerland and to do all the paperwork (take out health insurance for Switzerland, unmold and register our car, register with the municipality, etc.).
Of course, we treated our bicycles to a service at our main sponsor Bauer Sport. In addition, we have made small modifications, you can read more about this in our test report on our bicycles: Test Report – Touring Bike MTB Cycletech – Papalagi GPi
For those interested, we have also written a test report about our beloved tent: Test Report – Tent Nordisk Oppland 3 LW

We enjoy our temporary life in the beautiful Brunni-Alpthal near the Mythen more than we ever thought. Sure the view, the silence, the mountain air, the starry nights and the weather mostly above the high fog are fantastic, but even more we appreciate that our “adventure world trip” somehow continues up here. Life in the mountains is something completely new for us lowlanders 😎!
Through Beni’s good friends from childhood and Nicole’s work at the local ski lift we felt integrated very quickly 😃.
Here are a few glimpses of our new home:

Time flies fast, already in two months we have to cancel the first contracts again and think seriously about our onward journey, before it goes on again at the beginning of June 😍🚲. Hopefully the Corona situation and all the unrest in various countries will have subsided somewhat by then.
One of our plans was to fly to Vietnam and head south from there. But quickly we noticed that we would then drive exactly into the rainy season… …no thanks!

So now we have made a new provisional plan:

  1. To fly to Tbilisi in Georgia. We already feel very comfortable there and would be very happy to visit our Georgian friends again. It would also be easier for us to start bicycle traveling, since we already know the country very well.
  2. Continue to Azerbaijan (Baku), where we plan to take the ferry across the Caspian Sea.
  3. Then we would have to pass a small piece through Kazakhstan, which will not be doable depending on the unrest… …let’s see.
  4. Through Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan (via Pamir Highway)
  5. After that comes the next obstacle, China. At the moment China still has the borders closed and who knows how long!

Until then, we will continue to enjoy the mountain air, increase our travel budget and try to pass on some of the hospitality we have experienced to our visitors in Brunni.

Stay tuned, so are we!

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