Test report – Tent Nordisk Oppland 3 LW


Our conclusion after 7 months of intensive use of our Nordisk Oppland 3 LW tent:
We would not give it away again! From us it deserves only top marks. We would also choose a tunnel tent again at any time.

Weight & Mass

It is with its 1.98 kg (without footprint, this weighs an additional 0.75 kg) by far the most spacious tent for its light weight! The tent has a total length of 4.3 m, an incredible width of 2.1 m and a height of 1.2 m.
It is so spacious that we could each sit comfortably in the vestibule and cook even in the rain. We were also able to easily store our camping chairs in the vestibule without having to take them apart. We have found this to be very practical. Theoretically, we could even have someone stay overnight in the vestibule. Fortunately, we had never argued so that one of us had to test this out 😅.

Comparisons / Specifications

In our eyes, the Nordisk Oppland 3 LW is the only true 3-person tent. If you compare the specifications of various 3-person tents with each other, you will notice that most are quite a bit narrower! Here are examples of the inner tent width and the inner tent length, which is especially important for Beni:

Our Oppland 3 LWL: 220 cm, W: 190 cm
Hilleberg NALLO 3 GTL: 220 cm, W: 160 cm
Hilleberg ANJAN 3 GTL: 220 cm, W: 160 cm
MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-PersonL: 213 cm, W: 172 cm
Exped LYRA IIIL: 215 cm, W: 150 cm

When you marvel at the size of our Oppland 3 LW, it’s even more impressive that it’s the lightest despite having the most space.


Even in nasty weather conditions, the tent never let us down. It even braved gusts of up to 90 km/h and even after more than 12 hours of continuous rain, not a single raindrop found its way inside. In this regard, it should be noted that we treated the tent with silicone along the seams before our trip and would recommend this to everyone, because this way it is really waterproof.
Generell ist es wichtiger genügend Freiraum in Breite und Länge des Innenzeltes zu haben, als die Höhe der Wassersäule des Zeltstoffes. Why:
Quite simply, as soon as you move, come with the sleeping bag to the inner tent and press it to the outer tent, water gets in, no matter how high the water column is!

Customer support Nordisk

As a particularly good we would still like to highlight the Nordisk customer service: We had a broken tent pole (more in this blog post) and the zipper of the outer tent has given up the ghost. We reported this to customer service and got both replaced within a very short time without any problems!
We don’t know to what extent the direct contact we have at Nordisk due to the sponsorship support also helped, but both times we were very impressed and happy about this quick and uncomplicated help.

A few impressions

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