All goodbyes are hard – start of our adventure

As planned, we started our world tour on 4/4/2021 after an emotional goodbye to our families.

Corona? Fortunately, we did not notice something when we crossed the border in Laufenburg.
Theoretically, you would have to register, show a negative Corona test, and go into quarantine.
For us this makes little sense, as we move / stay away from the crowds anyway. Fortunately, our “plan” worked out and we saved ourselves a lot of time, money and nerves.

Border crossing Switzerland / Germany in Laufenburg, nobody far and wide!

Nicole’s training paid off shortly after the border, from then on it was only uphill, along the beautiful Alb valley with little traffic and magical nature.

Since our water supplies were running low and we didn’t discover a single fountain on the entire way, we headed for a gas station and asked for water there.
The saleswoman immediately noticed our funny Swiss accent, we got talking right away and told her about our travel plans. After a nice conversation she presented us with 4 sandwiches, so our dinner for the evening was secured. This is exactly the kind of encounter we look forward to, it’s so easy to make someone happy and bring a smile to their face.

Water and food supplies refilled, we set out to find our camp for the night. Shortly out of the village, we discovered a beautiful clearing, which we immediately headed for. When planning our trip, we designed our equipment for temperatures down to -5 ° maximum, which we were “allowed” to experience directly in the 1st night 🥶. We didn’t shiver, but we’d still be glad for a few degrees warmer at night.

For our “Tips and Tricks” box, we have the following advice for you against cold feet:

When you make tea in the evening, just fill the whole pot, so that at the end you can fill a PET bottle with hot tea and put it at the foot of the sleeping bag. So you have warm feet for several hours and in the morning still lukewarm tea instead of frozen water 🤪.

The next day the weather did not look so rosy and we drove / pushed our bikes along the Schluchsee, towards Falkau, where we were allowed to hibernate the very cold and snowy days in the vacation apartment of a good colleague.

Now we are looking forward to setting off on Friday, 9.4.2021, in the direction of Donaueschingen (start of the Danube Cycle Path). In fact, good weather is forecast from Friday to Sunday, before being followed by another low. Since all accommodations are still closed and there is a ban on lodging, we are still looking for overnight accommodations in case of bad weather (snow). So if anyone has family or friends at the start of the Danube Cycle Path, we would appreciate any tips.

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